You Should Use AdGuard DNS In Your Router

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AdGuard provides a DNS service for you.
It blocks the most common-ads (Google/FaceBook/etc..).

It's not a good idea to change the DNS on a specific device (your phone, your PC, ...)
since this way when you're on your home WiFi, that device you "won't see" ("resove") other devices on the same network.

A smarter way is to set the AdGuard-DNS addresses in your router.

This way all of the devices "under" the same network will enjoy an improved browsing experience,
less ads, meaning that the ads related content (images, stylesheet and javascript files) won't be downloaded,
the overall web-pages will download less data.

This way you can block ads on mobile devices without the need to install a "proxy" app like AdGuard or Blokada,
or be rooted (and use the HOSTS file to block the ads-domains).

To Configure the DNS-addresses you need to navigate to your router-Admin page (usually by accessing,
the "DNS place" it is usually around the same place you've put your ISP username and password,
by default it might be blank (ISP default DNS), or you might be holding a value,
for example Google DNS (,

Change it according to the instructions from (or here):

The DNS addresses your should use are:

first: and second:

Optionally there are also IPv6 2a00:5a60::ad1:0ff and 2a00:5a60::ad2:0ff (no need to use those).

AdGuard also provides an additiona-protection against p0rn websites which is called a "family protection" DNS: and
IPv6 2a00:5a60::bad1:0ff and 2a00:5a60::bad2:0ff.