whitenoisemarket.com download helper

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whitenoisemarket.com uses a Google login token, which is stored in the localStorage,
the pages are SO HEAVY they actually crash the browser if you open more than two tabs,


but once you've validate your auth details (Google/Facebook)

run the following code from the console and it will rewrite the links in THAT page,
to be a direct download links, saving you 2 clicks and almost 50 seconds of waiting (+ extra page load time...)

the format is constant, and it does not defined as a hack, since the auth token is still required,
it is just a download helper.

NodeList.prototype.forEach = Array.prototype.forEach;
NodeList.prototype.map = Array.prototype.map;
var token = localStorage.satellizer_token;

function get_filename(name){
  name = name.replace(/([^\\-])([^\\-]*)(\\-.)([^\\-]*)/g,function(whole, match1, match2, match3, match4){
    return match1.toUpperCase() + match2.toLowerCase() + match3.toUpperCase().replace('-','') + match4.toLowerCase()

  return name;

  a.href = ""
         + "http://whitenoisemarket.com/download/"
         + get_filename(
             a.pathname.substring(a.pathname.lastIndexOf('/') +1)
         + ".wna"
         + a.search
         + "&token=" + token;

naturally there is a download limit :(
so choose only the ones you really like :)