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VirusTotal On The Web Became So $hitty!!!

I've used to grab information from VirusTotal a lot for my anti-ads HOSTS project #1,
but since they've changed the design of the website,
to a more dynamic-structure with an extensive use of ShadowDom #1
even a copy&paste action became too much to handle,
every action or click "took away" from a limited set of the daily API-calls allowed,
navigating throught the UI became almost impossible, and by the time I got the the sub-domain/sibling-domain section most of the amount of the API-calls allows were gone.

Simple API client

Once you've generated your API-key,
all you need to do is some-sort of a request/response handler
and you're good to go!

Easy Copy&Paste!

I first set the program to recive input from an external-inputbox-program,
which allowd me to use copy&paste into it, and hit ENTER,
and the result from VirusTotal I sorted and dumped into a temp. text file in the computer temp. folder,
opening it with a modified version of Notepad2,
allowing me an easily way to copy the content.

How To Use

The project sits in GitHub:
you can use it, but first generate an API key and paste it into the API.txt file,
more instructions are in the project-page.