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last thing- bidi chars, can mess with your cursor direction when you are copy&&paste'ing around,
the following will delete (no regex!!) each of the "OFFICIAL" Unicode-bidi chars, if any.

  //browse about:blank first, then open up the console and paste the code :)
  var a = [], i;
  for(i=0; i<30000; i+=1) 

  a = a.join(" ").replace("\\u2066","").replace("\\u2067","").replace("\\u2068","").replace("\\u2069","").replace("\\u200E","").replace("\\u200F","").replace("\\u061C","").replace("\\u202A","").replace("\\u202B","").replace("\\u202C","").replace("\\u202D","").replace("\\u202E","");"none";
  document.body.innerHTML = a;

until 65533 (0XFFFD) you can use single value in .fromCharCode(...),
afterwards it is the world of surrogate-pairs :)