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UMOJI (= Unicode Emoji) is a nice little website at gathering only the fun Unicode characters

Looking for all the fun Unicode characters is a waste of time,
being creative with text is a gr8 way to push some humor into your work and life (and code..)

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I've made a plain but useful website the allow quick COPY&&PASTE of most useful Unicode-Emojis (either low or high range) including some letters and math symbols too, because you never know when those stuff will be useful,
excluding most of the "letters based characters" (--that quote is not very reasonable..)

and also bidi control chars, and stuff that renders as empty square on fonts that are not "Courier New"

the entire page is "content-editable", so you can use it as a makeshift Unicode-supported text-editor.
[You could easily add some text around and copy it (it's just in your pc, it won't effect the server version) this way you won't need to look for an editor (if you're on mac or's kind'a helpful) that is Unicode-supported, set it and {copy char, switch window}:repeat X times.
just edit your stuff directly in the page]

mess/miss/mash? just reload the page.

December 2016 update:
New version available at and as usual at