Chocolate-Muffins - Sugar Free And Gluten-Free

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Easy no-sugar, no gluten receipt for sweet&gooey Cocoa muffins,
with Chia seeds, walnuts, raisins and cranberries, the sweetness comes from two bananas and an apple,
And it contains no processed-vegetable-oil (such as Canola or Sunflower..) in-favor of raw-whole organic sesame-seeds paste.

More reading (Wikipedia)
- Gluten-free diet.
- Sesame-seeds paste.
- Chia seeds.
- Diabetes management and Diabetic Diet.

I'm using a hand blender and the 1-liter cup that came with it,
and a 180℃ non-stick muffin-maker. minimum dishes :]

➀ Mix well, and chuck the mixture muffin-maker, or muffin-baking-pan.

- two large eggs.
- 2 spoons of Chia-seeds (adds dietary-fibers and thickens the mixture)
- 4 spoons of low-fat Cocoa-powder (dark and chocolate goodness)
- 3 spoons of Gluten-free flower-substitute (hold the whole thing together)
- 5 spoons of Tehina (a.k.a Tehini or simply sesame paste) from full-grain sesame (it is darker in color and more rich in flavor)
- 2 cups of cold-water (4℃). Alternatively you can use milk, instead (same amount).
- 2 "right" medium-size bananas.
- 1, pealed, small apple, or 1 pack of store-bought applesauce (mashed) with no-added sugar.
- 1 spoon of baking-powder (add at the end)

➁ Leave the mixture along for 10 minutes before getting it to the oven,
it will make the Chia-seeds to absorb some of the moisture and make the mixture more-like a pudding consistency.

➂ In a small bowl pre-soak cranberries and white and dark raisins and roughly chopped walnuts,
in hot water (~80℃) and leave for 10 minutes (the cranberries and raisins with re-hydrate and the walnuts will get softer and will absorb some moisture which prevent them from burning early-on),
drain the water, it will help to get rid of any added oils, sugar or preservative added to them (mostly cranberries and raisins had those).

➃ use a bit of oil (the ones that comes in a spray are very handy), and put a little of the cranberries/raisins/walnuts at the bottom of muffin-pan, and pour the muffin-mixture on top.

➄ bake for 10 minutes, until the mixture is dry and stable.

➅ wait 10 minutes before devouring it all.. (needs to get cold)

Cocoa-powder is quite bitter. Normally it is balanced with plenty of sugar,
but since this receipt has very few sweeteners, you will defiantly feel the bitterness

I happen to like bitter-chocolate (high percentage of Cocoa)
So I'm fine with it, but it tastes better with a cold glass of milk :]


nutrition-value table time,
I will probably add an estimation of the the calories/nutrition-values from each product I've used -times- the amount used in the recipe...

** TODO: update.. later.. :] **

And those..

[July 17, 2016]

yet another disgusting batch.. :)
2016-07-17 00.08.03

but this time I've added 1 table-spoon of whole-buckwheat (also known as kasha or Fagopyrum)-flour,
2016-07-16 23.31.06

it makes it NOT AS gluten-free, since buckwheat's protein is quite similar to Gluten in its structure (but some claims that it does not as harmful as Gluten due to far less genetic modifications) anyway, your choice..

Anyway, 'till not it way pure PARVE' (not contains meat not milk) and Vegan [well.. almost (except the eggs)],
but to improve the taste and constituency a yogurt or soft white cheese since the Casein-protein will be added to the mix egg-proteins (Albumen/Phosvitin) and whatever the weat-like protein in buckwheat and that flour-replacement I've used....