Solved: WordPress Minileven 5 Posts Limit

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Remove the limit of 5 posts for WordPress Theme "minileven".

minileven is an excellent- mobile-friendly and - easily customisable theme by WordPress's JetPack plugin.

- You can get it to work as your main theme by downloading the latest folder from the SVN:

But when you'll try it, you might notice that regardless what value you put in your Settings-Reading-Blog pages show at most [xx] posts it keeps showing only 5 posts :[

you might even accessed the DB, just to find-out everything is FINE! and the value (in my case "20") was already set correctly :)


Well.. the reason is a "pre_option" filter..

...placed under the functions.php file..
specifically pre_option_posts_per_page which is overriding the real-option, returning a HARD-CODED 5 each time.

The solution is quite simple:
- open-for-edit (local+upload or FTP'ing) the /[YOUR BLOG ROOT]/wp-content/themes/minileven/functions.php.
- mark-out those lines, save, done.

in-case you have a some-sort of cache (either static-HTML [more common] or/and in-memory memcache one [more rare]) you might want to clear/invalidate all-of cache and/or restart your server (Apache).

With Go-Daddy as host, you need to access the "processes" page, and kill every process ("kill all"),
it will auto-start itself, giving you a clean('ish) RAM..

want to quickly see the change? just add ?23jhdsakfljh3245 (or any random string) to the end of the URL, the page will load with no-cache (but it will be cached, so next time use another random-string..)..

Have fun ;)