Solved: Lenovo Low Audio-Volume

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Remove Built-In Volume-Limitation.

Be Responsible, Avoid Hearing-Damage

In A-Nutshell:
- Click On The "Headset" Image (SmartAudio)

Full Step-By-Step Instructions:

- You are using Lenovo/IBM brand Laptop [mine is Lenovo X220]
- You are using a Conexant sound-controller (- "card") [mine is Conexant 20672 SmartAudio HD].
- Your driver's installation folder is C:\\Program Files\\CONEXANT.

1. Start SmartAudio Application.
option #1:
option #2:
option #3: [Windows Key]+[R Key], "C:\\Program Files\\Conexant\\SAII\\SmartAudio.exe", [Enter Key].
2. Click the headphone-image to disable the limitation.

3. click [Accept]


Do You Want Even More Juice ???
5. Drag volume-bar up.

6. click the equalizer image

7. click the headphones image, the right icon (custom-set), raise all the volume-bars up

8. click the speaker image, and do the same thing again..
9. run: C:\\Windows\\SysWOW64\\SndVol.exe or C:\\Windows\\System32\\SndVol.exe, raise the all of the volume-bars up.

Even More Juice ???
10. [Windows Key] + [R], run: "C:\Windows\system32\rundll32.exe" Shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL mmsys.cpl,,playback.
11. right-click, properties

12. on Enhancements tab, check-on the "Loudness Equalization", wish to adjust the loudness? click "Settings" and move the bar to the max.

(there are also some *sweet* stuff there such as "Room-Correction", "Bass-Boost" and other stuff that might be audio-wise beneficial.. try and comment ;) )

What? Even More Juice ???
13. Use a 3rd-party video/audio player that supports an equalizer or audio-boost (almost everyone would..).
14. Media-Player Classic (Available as part of the wonderful K-Lite Codec-Pack or or as separate download).
Media-Player Classic: boost volume using the internal-audio-codec-rendering:
- access option-menu

- use internal-codecs rendering

- set volume-boost (maximum value is 300% !)

- max-out volume

15. Winamp's equalizer (supports additional audio pre-amp of up to 12-decibel !)

16. VideoLan (a.k.a VLC)
supports volume boost up to 200% which can be adjust manually

or by set to 200% by default for every session (accessed through "options"-"audio")