Solved: Home-Plants Anti-Aphids

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Easy Solution
Ha.. Funny!, Solution As Both answer; and dissolving of one substance into another

Mix 5 drops of Fairy dish-soap in 3 cups of tap-water,

2016-07-14 21.43.34

add few drops of squeezed/preserved lemon-juice, to make the solution slightly acidic,

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pour the solution into a small spray-bottle, preferably one with a wide-spray function (aerosol-like)
(an empty Windex bottle will be perfect for this).

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vigorously spray the leaves and stoke of every plant (but not the soil) with the solution,
do it at night, for two nights in a row,

while the aphids will die-out quite fast,
the ants that gorge on the aphids will still come for few more days.