Root Samsung S3 GT-I9300 Android 4.3

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  1. make sure in "about" your model is "GT-I9300"

  2. unhide your developer section: in "about" click 10 times on "Build Number", once activated- go to developer section and mark "USB debugging", go to security and activate the checkbox "unknown sources".

  3. go to
    scroll-down till you'll get to this line:

    Device details Based on Download
    OEM Model Name Device Board Platform Build ID Android Size Link MD5 #
    samsung GT-I9300 m0xx m0 smdk4x12 exynos4 JZO54K.I9300XXELLC 4.1.2 14 331 851 Download c481b4dc76ce358444c1be003ea88c52 2 546 518


  4. click on the download link, once downloaded, extract..

  5. download samsung kies drivers for SIII, which is the older KIES.

  6. shutdown your mobile device, and press and hold [VOLUME-DOWN]+[HOME]+[POWER] buttons to power it, once the logo appears, remove your holding.
    to the download-mode message, press [VOLUME-UP] to continue.

  7. run odin, let the plug-play drivers to finish install and the odin-port to be found.

  8. load the bin jar