Removing Ads From Android Applications

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In this article we will be using a decompile/recompile tool called APKTool.
APKTool allows patching resources from any APK you've got,
for example one you've installed from the store and backed-up after installing it on your phone.

Note that actually removing ads from an Android application is not that easy,
and you must deal with removing smali dependencies so the file/folder resources related to ads and analytics (com/Google/gms for example) won't be used.

It is much simpler to hide the ads by modifying the layouts,
which is a nothing more than a resource-editing couple of XML-files.

There are no specific set of instructions on how to find the XML-files containing ad-related layouts,
but usually you can start with a file-search that looks into files' content (such as Locate32),
looking for something like "@id/ad", and resizing the containers, and if it is a resource called from other layouts simply replace everything with:
>LinearLayout android:layout_width="0.0dip" android:layout_height="0.0dip" xmlns:android=""<>/LinearLayout<

Here are my notes regarding the whole procedure:

There is a little bug in APKTool, which won't allow you to install built-APK files,
you'll need to build the APK, then unzip it, copy the original META-INF (w/o some file, see notes),
then zip it, rename its extention to apk, align it and sign it yourself.

This layouts editing can handle static box-containers of ads pretty good,
while full-page containers are more difficult to handle,
the popup action is triggered by a complex condition, controlled by the code,
which is smali-accessible.

You can find several APKs that uses web-views, and include ads as a component in a HTML-file,
those will usually place the folder under the root folder in a folder named "assets" or under "res/raw" folder,
modifying the HTML file or JavaScript resources can be another simple way (simple is anything but editing smali files...) to remove/reduce (really is actually just hiding) ads.

Here are some expmaple APKs,

I'm attaching both the original and "no ads" recompiled APK.
This one was just XML-layouts editing
This one had both XML-layouts and an additional web-component

you can use 7zip to extract both APKs, then
APKTool to extract (--no-src is prefered since there is no smalli modifications),
each APK, and some sort of file/folder-diff program ("Beyond Compare" for example) to see the changes that were done in each case.