Prevent Mouse Movement From Waking Up The Computer

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Control-Panel, mouse, go-to hardware tab, double click the first entry, to to power-management (if exist),
uncheck the 'wake-up', click OK,
double click the second entry and do the same.

This might help with the-known Lenovo/IBM TrackPoint-bug where the cursor moves by itself,
and thus keeping the computer-screen ON, preventing the computer from entering idle-state,
this option might not be present in some-versions of the TrackPoint-driver,
you might have better-luck using the default driver the came with your Windows-OS.

Also, in-my case, I'm switching sometimes (FN+F8) from TrackPoint to touch-pad (only),
and connecting an external wireless-mouse (I like the cheap Logitec ones about 15$, which do not have the pesky DPI-selector button like mouse-devices you get from eBay. The Logitec ones have a nice feel on the scroll-weel with just the right amount of push needed.. :]).
If you can handle yourself with just the external mouse, you'll do yourself a favor by disabling both the touch-pad and the trackpoint devices (ThinkPad UltraNav Pointing Device).

Those are the registry values the got modified after the UI action: