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  • PokéMod Is An Application For Rooted Android-Devices Only.

  • PokéMod Runs In The Background As A 🌟Service🌟, Hacking Some Of The Pokémon Go Game-Stack's Memory-Values, To Enable Hidden Features And Modify Amount Of StarDust And Current Pokémons Around You.

  • PokéMod DOES NOT Hack Any Of The Pokémon Go Servers, In Any Way🌈, It Only Temporarily Modify The Memory Of YOUR PHONE📲.

How To Use?

  1. Download, Install, Open PokéMod Application. Click The Switch To Turn It ON.

  2. Open Your Pokémon Go Game As Usual.

    • Pokéballs Work 100% Of The Time On First-Try ["Masterball Mod"]

    • Unlimited StarDust ["-FFFF StarDust Mod"]

    • Every Pokémon Around You Is Now Mewtwo. ["MewtwoCeleb Mod"]

  3. Once You've Passed 5 Minutes Play-Time (About 299 Seconds)
    Your Pokémon Go Process Will Be Automatically Killed, And The PokéMod State Will Be Turned OFF Again.

    You Should Now Start Pokémon Go (While PokéMod Is Still OFF) And Log-In Once (You Can Play A Little Too..) To Save The Changes In Your Profile.

    Once You've Played A Little, You Can Once Again Set PokéMod ON Again, And Catch Some More Mewtwo(s) Or Upgrade Your Pokémons With StarDust.

    You Have (Again) 5 Minutes Of PokéMod Play-Time.

Compatibility With Other Pokémon Go-"Hacks":
PokéMod Will Work With Any And All Of Your Hacks,
You Can Use Any Of Your XPOSED-Framework Walkers, Or Mock-Location Related Stuff,
And Still Enjoy The Special Features Of PokéMod.

Why That Weird 5 Minutes Limit?
- You Probably Want To Play Longer With PokéMod, Well, You Can't!
BUT WHY?????
- It Is A Secret.. :\\


  1. Pokémon Go 0.33 From APKMirror [LATEST] [61.40MB]

  2. PokéMod 0.33 [11.32MB]

Due To Lack Of Time (I've Wrote The Whole Thing Instead Of *Sleepy-Time ☕* Tonight..)
I Only Support Donating Users. The App Is Free Though.. And There Are No Hidden Fees, Not Even Ads! (I Hate Ads!!!)

Don't Redistribute The PokéMod APP, Or Use Multipart-Download Managers ☹
I Will Block You 😿

Also, Some Countries Are Blocked From Downloading The PokéMod APP!

Sorry :] ☞(..not really....)

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