PHP snippet - string of X latest modified files in a JS supported format

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I am using this one, along with selenium, and an automated screen-capture programs I've made in C#,
to write screenshots of tests to Apache hdocs folder, so it will be available as a page resource.
my program does not overrides the image name, it keeps couple of screenshots in a folder and the php snippet attached here, selects the 3 (can be more) of the last modified files,
puts a nice string in a format suitable for the later usage in page's JS code,
for example, to be used in a roller or something..

function getListOfNewestFiles($folder,$maxAmountOfFiles) {
if($maxAmountOfFiles == 0) return( "[]" );

$files = array();

foreach (scandir($folder) as $file) {
$path = $folder . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $file;
if (is_dir($path)) continue; // do not count folders. only files.
if (pathinfo($path, PATHINFO_EXTENSION) != "jpg") continue; // include only jpg files
$files[filemtime($path)] = $path;

$arr = array_slice($files, 0, $maxAmountOfFiles); // return the first newest file's path as array
return "[\\"" . implode("\\", \\"",$arr) . "\\"]"; // return only a path and name as a string