oh ye of little faith Google-Closure

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Google-Closure, UglifyJS...  UglifyJS, Google-Closure...

I've come to first use a Google - Closure, years ago, in some way, by accident, wonderful wonderful accident,

See, years ago I was a writing every now and then in helpdesk blogs helping the world, well, at least those parts of the world whom can afford a medium computer and constantly had problems install drivers.. :)

As I've visited most frequently stack-overflow, (as well of few local Hebrew-written blogs) I've come across so many annoyances in the forms of ads popups, big-A$ GIF images, I've started thinking of a way to make them go away,

Started small, I've looked into a language known as GreaseMonkey- installing an add-on in Firefox, had enable you, as a user to have fun, modifying websites, removing elements, deleting parts, relocating other, along with another add-on named platypus, even a noob, could have cut&paste the web to his/her desire,

After a while I've also found out that GreaseMonkey has a very active community hosting their little programs known as 'user-scripts' in the http://userscripts.org/ website, allowing other registered users to reuse their's work,

Started small adding one little script at a time, I have a couple of hundreds of scripts uploaded to userscripts.org, each one with own page description photos etc..  Most of them removing ads in various sites, some skipping the waiting process or avoiding counting down before downloads, some cheating in Facebook games, allowing automatically playing those pesky games automatically without the need to actually be near the computer.. :) those stuff...

I was making a good generalization of rules in other people's programming, allowing me to roughly reverse-engineer websites workflow,
All this started shifting to a very good place,

I am a more of a back-end developer, greatly adores the infrastructure, JAVA and PHP (and ASP.Net) are (still are..) my weapon of choice,
(C#oh Yeah!) but I've started get very keen of the ease of 'see immediate results' in front-end programming (although at first, and sometimes it still is, seems lame in comparing to back-end engineering)

Started to look for a way to cheat my way into bettering my code quality I've come across the Google-Closure-Compiler, Online Version,
Which still exist in this address: http://closure-compiler.appspot.com/home
Magically Google-Closure-Compiler took my code, and make it better, it allowed me to learn variations that gets the same results, how to improve my writing, and through many wonderful iterations learn more of the JavaScript language, from the language itself,

I was later learned to build a Firefox Add-Ons and joining them with my userscripts learning, and got a few hundreds of downloads from the Mozilla Add-Ons community, and even got one of the first incoming bottom-up software engineering add-on to several companies, and worked with another company in Canada, extending my add-ons to a fully working platform to enable their audience accessing their product, I've insisted on doing that for free ;) - they still use it :)

Years later, no longer a kid (...), after my bachelor of science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, I still remember Google Closure as a wonderful self-learning self-improving tool, even though it wasn't probably designed to be one :)

Life is what you've made of it. Nice, isn't?