Null-ify Windows Ownership And Permissions

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You must be an administrator on the local-machine.

Taking Ownership/Permissive Permissions - Why?

Its convenient.
You may access all of the files and folders without limits.

But Really, Should I?

There are minimal risks, but this is something you should only practice if you are an experienced user.

OK, How?

First, you get rid of the UserAccountControl limits,
Secondly, You go to each drive's properties, security, advanced,
first you check-ON the checkbox to replace ownership on all sub-folders/files,
then you add a new user: Everyone, and make it take the ownership.
after a reboot, do the same but choose security-tab instead of ownership,
add new users: Everyone, your personal user, Administrators and give everyone full-control, including the existing ones, making sure to set "all folders and files". You then check-ON the checkbox to replace security-permissions for all sub-folders and files.
During you'll be notified that the properties for the files C:\pagefile.sys and C:\hiberfil.sys (for example) can not be set, it's ok, just skip/continue until it's done.

Don't do more than one drive at a time, and if the process is stuck and you'll need to reboot,
you'll have to do it again to make sure none of the security-descriptors arn't corrupt.

Some screenshots:

That's OK too..