Notepad2 Encoding And EOL Defaults

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Set Notepad2 To Use UTF-8 And Unix End-Of-Line,
To Be Better Compatible With World-Of HTML5,
Avoid Bad EOL Translations When FTP'ing Your Files To *nix-based Servers,
Prevent Lost Of Lovely High-Unicode Letters/Emoji, Which Will Be Converted To infamous ? Characters.

- This will be applied to newly created files,
- files that you have already saved, will pass through unmodified by encoding, due to the encoding-discovery engine of Notepad2, but all files saved WILL be EOL-modify to Unix-EOL.

icompile.eladkarako.com_notepad2_utf8_default icompile.eladkarako.com_notepad2_utf8_default_set icompile.eladkarako.com_notepad2_line_ending_default icompile.eladkarako.com_notepad2_line_ending_default_set

Now Save The Settings And Quit

Bonus Part: Enable Administrator Mode For Notepad2.
enabling running Notepad2 as administrator by default, will help you editing system files (such as etc-HOSTS file).
Browse Your Notepad2.exe installed-location, right click the exe file and choose properties,

Under Compatibility CHECK ON the Run this program as an administrator

Click Change settings for all users and CHECK ON the Run this program as an administrator (again).

Click OK, notice that the previous check-box is FIXED with ON selection.
Click OK. Done.
Your Notepad2 Has Admin-access rights! Great!