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In the last few months I've been working on Outbrain's new Widget for Bloggers,

Introduced some time ago- Outbrain new widget for bloggers is better then ever.
Build to enhance bloggers life all around the world, enriching their blog-visitors experience with the most advanced recommendation system exist, anywhere!

Its free, totally 100% clean and safe, the widget provides you with the interesting content, contextually matches to what you are reading.


It takes the style of your blog, look and feel can be further customized with CSS,
plus Outbrain's new widget for bloggers (which is already available on Outbrain's website.. by the way...) looks great on all mobile devices from iPhone to every variation of Android, providing a smooth, natural way to explorer great content, increasing your website exposure to the world of visitors (and also the in-site traffic).

plus, its made of the loveliest JS-Kung-Fu (or if you are a developer, "Kung-Foo".. just a little joke.. lighten up..)  you'll ever seen, yeah you've got it..  :)

Outbrain Love Bloggers

Get the latest version from Outbrain's website, upgrade your Wordpress, Blogspot, TypePad, SquareSpace...

plus, you can grab yourself the "JS version" which pretty much says it will work on ANY OTHER PLATFORM TOO

lol... I'm a little bit excited :)

the JS installation can be work by simply replacing the "put permalink here" with your php-engine's equivalent of permalink (which is basically means "the article's url"),

you can even do it with javascript! like "on-the-fly.." how cool is that? (answer: very cool!)

putting it on your, jux, Posterous Spaces, Weebly, LiveJournal, Movable Type, b2evolution, Drupal (YEAH!), Dotclear, Serendipity, Nucleus CMS, LifeType, Habari, PivotX, Asaph, Tumbler,... well you've got the idea...


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may your blogs live long and prosper :)