Modified Perseus-UNIVERSAL5410 Kernel For Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9500)

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Perseus-UNIVERSAL5410 is a Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9500) kernel (boot.img),
it contains adbd, cbd, ,healthhd, busybox, su and a pre-installing superuser.apk

the tar is taken from,

there are three folders within default.prop: aosp44, sec43 and sec442,
I don't know (or care) which one is used for what...

I've simply modified the default.prop to be: (Unsecure, Permissive, Tweaked Prop File, HTC/Samsung/*, Capable Of Being Both As default.prop And/Or build.prop (just remove duplicates from the original file, favouring this version)),
and then repacked them.

You can download the modified (tar and tar.md5 for odin) img (for custom-recovery) and the original from here: