Smallest 1x1 Pixel Graphic Formats

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One pixel graphic files, are mostly used now-days in some server-response, there are better some alternatives, such as responding with HTTP status 204 NO-CONTENT, which means the server successfully processed the request, but is not returning any content,
its usually used as a response to a successful delete request, but as alternative to responding with one-pixel size image, Google is going that way in some of the console-API services...
...but anyway, responding with an image, is still, the more common-way.

I've include some of the non-standard formats (such as PDF), a possible use is in a web-application where, by default, process a image-based-pdf, this way you can use/process/return the following (a.k.a minimal one).

ext size base64
GIF 37 Bytes
BMP 66 Bytes
ICO 78 Bytes
PNG 135 Bytes
TIFF 226 Bytes
JPG 332 Bytes
PCX 899 Bytes
PDF 1372 Bytes
', 'Lite-Weight, Low Color