JavaScript Snippet - Specific Base64 Bookmarklet

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javascript:(function(text, mimetype){
mimetype = null === mimetype ? '' : mimetype; /* normalize variable value to STRING (in-case of 'prompt' error) */

text = btoa( /* ASCII(or byte string) to BASE64 */
unescape(encodeURIComponent( /* trick to make 'btoa' safe for Unicode::: converts any string to byte-string. */

text = mimetype + text;

console.dir( /* non trimmable output */

, prompt('mimetype?','data:text/plain;charset=UTF-8;base64,')

This one is VERY SPECIFIC to assist ME in some repeating tasks for one of my web-app(s),
taking a text-based file and converting it to base64 is quite-easy, but includes a lot of steps... (you can see the [c#] base64 console, by searching my-website..)

But, by copying the content of a text file (js, html, plain text, etc...) and pasting it to,
I can run the code above to output the text-only, unescaped-form (unmodified), with full Unicode support, to the console. No need of writing any files :]

I'm using console.dir as an alternative to console.log, since console.log will not trim the output :)

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