observe document.cookie - Coolest Hack Ever!! Here First!!

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on Chromium (and Canary) open the *special URL*
about:flags or chrome://flags/

enable: "Enable Experimental JavaScript".


lets use it,
NOTE: please avoid using your evil laugh (..a.k.a Mu Ha Ha Ha..) as much as possible..

first, play the funky prototype game
  String.prototype.observe = Object.observe;

now open up a nice little website like http://updates.html5rocks.com/ (my personal favorite)..

and execute (even from Developer's Tools-console)
document.cookie.observe(this, function(){

http://updates.html5rocks.com/ predictably modified the cookie for a cookie named "__commandLineAPI"
adding and removing it.

try modifying the document.cookie and see the result in your console for more details,
due to this beeing a #DRAFT, you may not deploy your web-app with it just yet (or never if you wish global-browser support..., or use the latest Modernizr: the feature detection library for HTML5/CSS3 ', 'JavaScript Object.observe For String Too