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icompile.eladkarako.com_eventsWhen one of the specified events occurs on the specified object, the Event object is logged to the console. You can specify a single event to monitor, an array of events, or one of the generic events "types" that are mapped to a predefined collection of events. See examples below.

The following monitors all resize events on the window object.
monitorEvents(window, "resize");
Monitoring window resize events

The following defines an array to monitor both "resize" and "scroll" events on the window object:
monitorEvents(window, ["resize", "scroll"])
You can also specify one of the available event "types", strings that map to predefined sets of events. The table below lists the available event types and their associated event mappings:

Event type Corresponding mapped events
mouse "mousedown", "mouseup", "click", "dblclick", "mousemove", "mouseover", "mouseout", "mousewheel"
key "keydown", "keyup", "keypress", "textInput"
touch "touchstart", "touchmove", "touchend", "touchcancel"
control "resize", "scroll", "zoom", "focus", "blur", "select", "change", "submit", "reset"

For example, the following uses the "key" event type all corresponding key events on an input text field ("#msg").
monitorEvents($("#msg"), "key");
Below is sample output after typing two characters in the text field:

Monitoring key events

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