ImageMagick Nightly Builds

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Sadly there is no "latest" entry,
but you can sort by modification date,
(and even parse a digest.rdf to find-out the name of the latest build..)

and make-use of your browser's [CTRL]+[F] to look for your prefered build,
for me it is the Windows x64 fully static, portable Q16, the higher version (ver 7 given the choice between latest build of 6 or 7..).

- use multi-part download manager if you want to download with speed-rates greater than 80KB/S
- use http instead of https prefix to avoid the ssl hand-shake and download faster on download-managers such as OrbitDownloader :)
- you can find Android compatible builds if you want to give your mobile-phone the power of the gods... :))

It is a bit messy to find the correct download since it does not separated properly,
but you may run the following line in the developer's-panel's console:
document.querySelectorAll('[href*="portable"]:not([href$="asc"])').forEach(function(element){ console.log(element.href); })

to get just the useful ones:
For Windows x64 (64-bit):

For Windows x86 (32-bit):