HOSTS file for enhanced security

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January, 01 2011. a well formatted HOSTS file with 178,055 malicious hosts blocked, size is about ~4.70MB.

1. download and uncompress to a temporary folder.


2. download notepad2.0.

3.disconnect from the internet, disable all network-adapters,
start->run->ipconfig /flushdns .

4. start->run->services.msc .
locate the line named DNS Service, stop the service and set it to disabled.

5. use Notepad2 to open the local HOSTS file (located under "C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\drivers\\etc\\hosts").
make sure the HOSTS file is writable.

6. use Notepad2 to open the HOSTS_y2011_m01_d01.txt copy its content and post it to the bottom of the local HOSTS file.

7. save the local HOSTS file and make it read-only.

8. done, all hosts are now blocked. re-enable all network-adapters, reconnect to the internet.

9. note: the DNS Server of your ISP should be automatically recognized, if its not, you can use Google's free ones: