Hebrew Voice From Google-Translate And FFMPEG Pitch-Manipulation

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Getting voice-output in Hebrew is not yet possible in Google-Translate,
but by writing the English audio-semantics, and adding extra "aaaa" "eeee" "iiii",
you can somewhat manipulate the English audio-output to sound a like its in Hebrew,

Here is a way to generate an MP3 out later FFMPEG "games":

Once downloaded you can run it through this audio pitch manipulation:

@echo off
set "ARGS="
set  ARGS=%ARGS% ffmpeg.exe -y -hide_banner -loglevel "info" -strict "experimental" -threads "16" -stats
set  ARGS=%ARGS% -i "%~1"
set  ARGS=%ARGS% -filter:a
set  ARGS=%ARGS% "
set  ARGS=%ARGS% atempo=tempo=0.5,
set  ARGS=%ARGS% asetrate=sample_rate=44100*1.3,
set  ARGS=%ARGS% aresample=sample_rate=44100:async=100
set  ARGS=%ARGS% "
set  ARGS=%ARGS% -sn -vn 
set  ARGS=%ARGS% "%~dpn1%_speedpitch.m4a"

echo %ARGS%
call %ARGS%
exit /b 0

The line asetrate=sample_rate=44100*1.3 will make the pitch higher,
but it will also speed-up the audio-track,
because of that I'm (pre)slowing-down the audio with atempo=tempo=0.5

You can read more about the audio-filters in here:

In a similar manner, making the pitch lower with asetrate=sample_rate=44100*0.7,
will make the audio-longer/slower...
so you can (pre)speed-up the audio with atempo=tempo=1.5.