Hebrew HTML5 Synthesis API

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The point is matching the pronunciations nuances and vocals using -, [SPACE]s, AEIOUY combination, to get something that sounds like Hebrew...

dashes are resulting with a longer pronunciations on the last and first letters around the dash,
[SPACE] results with a small pause..
...setting the pitch low and speed to 0.4 also helps!

window.speechSynthesis.speak(function(msg, text_phrase){
msg.lang = "he-IL";
msg.pitch = 0;
msg.rate = 0.4;

msg.text = text_phrase;

return msg;
new SpeechSynthesisUtterance()
, "Sha-lom Yea-led, anie kakki, mae-toom-taam, rotse-ma-kott? yeaa-mana-yek"

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