Remove W3Schools Results From Google-Search Result Page

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I've looked everywhere for a nice solution that will remove the ugly unuseful, crappy w3schools results from the Google-search results-page, initially I've used JavaScript to hide it (bookmarklet), then some enhanced JavaScript with Chrome-extension support, but the best thing you can do is don't get any of those w3schools result in the first place,

I've just came up with the most simple solution: exclude the w3school domains!

You can prevent results from W3Schools from appearing in your search results by using the -site: prefix along with the domain,

But this is quite annoying to type it every time in your Google-search along with your search-query..
..luckily there is a better way.

Follow the instructions below to make every search you do from the address-bar automatically exclude w3school results without you have need to type anything but your search-query!

  1. Open chrome://settings/searchEngines

  2. Scroll to the bottom and in Other Search Engines click one of the empty slots.

    • g-no-w3s

    • g-no-w3s

      *you can use any domain you'll like to, etc..

      • Press [ENTER]

      • look for a newly created line in same box (might be placed above), then, hover your mouse over the newly created line and click the blue make default button, your line will be added to the top-box.

      • Done.


        You can search directly from your search/address-bar