Google Polymer! Nice!

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took 12 minutes to learn (Really Lovely!)
and 30 seconds to figure out that:
- its faster then ExtJS.
- better approach thn AngularJS (I can Shadow-DOM biAAAtch)

Polymer layers..

hands-on time?
-just for clarification, here is my implementation of new element,
both in AngularJS and Polymer.

creating a nice rendering-directive

which will be translated into:

as you know (or not..) every user in has a globally accepted image (mostly formatted mime-type of image/png..) that is the MD5 of its email.. Polymer Does MD5!!

Polymer uses "polyfills"
<polymer-elementname="user-gravatar" attributes="email">
Polymer('user-gravatar', {
ready: function() {
this.gid = md5(;

AngularJS approach is different..
app.directive('user-gravatar', ['md5', function() {
return {
restrict: 'E',
link: function(scope, element, attrs) {
scope.gid = md5(;
template: '<imgsrc="{{gid}}"/>'

its high level API, directive instead of shadow-DOM, which means, well nothing really to lamers..


Angular and Ember, Polymer is behind you, and its for dev.s like me who like building things bottom/up instead of using higher-(lamer)-API.