Free Download - Graphics Of Old School Calendar Unicode Emoji

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For the article WordPress – A Better Article DateTime I've used the Unicode-emoji for calendar,
it vary a lot from Chrome (image like), to Firefox (image/text depending on next-char is a display-variation control char) to mobile devices..

Firefox for mobile presents pretty nice text variation,
so much that I've would consider unifying the presentation using an image instead of Unicode,
For the best quality I've used an install Firefox browser on my mobile, made the single (text variation) of the calendar emoji character as large as possible (filling the entire screen),
- due its being rendered as text (which is sort of vector-graphic as it is..) means it has rendered perfectly.
following with a screen capture, the result (PNG) was extremely fine, after (manually) creating overlays and creating AI and SVG vector-graphic files, I've also exported PNG in the most common resolutions (to avoid the need to resizing it).

Download resources (freely used)

Vector Graphic

HD PNG 32bit + Alpha transparency
Download cal_x8.png
Download cal_x10.png
Download cal_x12.png
Download cal_x14.png
Download cal_x16.png
Download cal_x20.png
Download cal_x24.png
Download cal_x28.png
Download cal_x32.png
Download cal_x48.png
Download cal_x64.png
Download cal_x72.png
Download cal_x96.png
Download cal_x128.png
Download cal_x256.png
Download cal_x512.png
Download cal_x1024.png