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Play around, using Fiddler on my PC as a proxy, and used my rooted Android IP-Tables to manifest some nifty Proxy,
this made the network data much more clear then any other form of network anlz.

came across this one,
if you're interested how SpeedTest application for Android does its magic,

have a look on something weird,
every mobile-internet-supplier has the following sub domain speed.(supplier name)/speedtest/latency.txt
suspicious? naa its probably OK, but just for you to know, puttying a file delegated for speed tests,
is probably a too convenient way of measurement.

and a nice data mining of the entire server systems (well.. at least near by...)

<server url="" lat="32.0833" lon="34.9500" name="Rosh HaAyin" sponsor="Orange" id="1696"  />
<server url="" lat="32.0667" lon="34.7833" name="Tel Aviv" sponsor="Y-Tech Solutions (YTS)" id="1330" />
<server url="" lat="32.2167" lon="35.2667" name="Nablus" sponsor="Call U" id="2527" />
<server url="" lat="31.9484" lon="34.8890" name="Lod" sponsor="HOT Mobile" id="3413" />
<server url="" lat="31.9333" lon="34.8667" name="Ramle" sponsor="Pelephone Communications" id="4138" />
<server url="" lat="32.8000" lon="34.9833" name="Haifa" sponsor="013 Netvision Cellcom" id="2434" />
<server url="" lat="32.8000" lon="34.9833" name="Haifa" sponsor="Telran Communications 1986 LTD" id="3121" />
<server url="" lat="31.9000" lon="35.2000" name="Ramallah" sponsor="BCI Telecommunication &amp; Advanced Technology" id="2310" />
<server url="" lat="31.9000" lon="35.2000" name="Ramallah" sponsor="zaytona" id="1853" />
<server url="" lat="31.9000" lon="35.2000" name="Ramallah" sponsor="CallU Telecommunication Ltd." id="4610" />
<server url="" lat="31.9000" lon="35.2000" name="Ramallah" sponsor="Mada" id="1699" />
<server url="" lat="31.9000" lon="35.2000" name="Ramallah" sponsor="Hadara Technologies" id="1705" />
<server url="" lat="31.7833" lon="35.2167" name="Jerusalem" sponsor="Alquds Network" id="4389" />
<server url="" lat="31.7833" lon="35.2167" name="Jerusalem" sponsor="Coolnet" id="1075" />
<server url="" lat="31.5167" lon="34.4500" name="Gaza" sponsor="SpeedClick" id="4846" />
<server url="" lat="31.9500" lon="35.9333" name="Amman" sponsor="Orange Jordan" id="3650" />
<server url="" lat="31.9500" lon="35.9333" name="Amman" sponsor="Vtel Jordan" id="3529" />
<server url="" lat="31.9500" lon="35.9333" name="Amman" sponsor="Zain" id="1887" />
<server url="" lat="31.9500" lon="35.9333" name="Amman" sponsor="Umniah Mobile Company" id="2586" />
<server url="" lat="31.3443" lon="34.3031" name="Khanyounis" sponsor="Mada" id="1934" />
<server url="" lat="34.9167" lon="33.6333" name="Larnaca" sponsor="Cablenet" id="2246" />
<server url="" lat="34.6667" lon="33.0333" name="Limassol" sponsor="PrimeTel" id="610" />
<server url="" lat="29.5167" lon="35.0000" name="Aqaba" sponsor="DAMAMAX Jordan" id="2222" />
<server url="" lat="35.1667" lon="33.3500" name="Nicosia" sponsor="Cablenet" id="2255" />
<server url="" lat="35.1667" lon="33.3500" name="Nicosia" sponsor="MTN Cyprus" id="1824" />
<server url="" lat="35.1667" lon="33.3500" name="Nicosia" sponsor="CYTANET" id="2771" />
<server url="" lat="35.1667" lon="33.3500" name="Nicosia" sponsor="Kibrisonline" id="4372" />
<server url="" lat="35.3402" lon="33.3191" name="Kyrenia" sponsor="EXTEND" id="3640" />
<server url="" lat="30.0566" lon="31.2262" name="Cairo" sponsor="Mobinil" id="1915" />
<server url="" lat="30.0566" lon="31.2262" name="Cairo" sponsor="Vodafone Egypt" id="1689" />
<server url="" lat="30.0566" lon="31.2262" name="Cairo" sponsor="TE Data" id="4632" />
<server url="" lat="31.1980" lon="29.9192" name="Alexandria" sponsor="Etisalat Misr" id="1804" />
<server url="" lat="39.8750" lon="32.8333" name="Ankara" sponsor="Vodafone TR" id="2097" />
<server url="" lat="39.8750" lon="32.8333" name="Ankara" sponsor="AVEA Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S." id="4668" />
<server url="" lat="39.8750" lon="32.8333" name="Ankara" sponsor="3C1B TELEKOM" id="1202" />
<server url="" lat="33.3191" lon="44.3920" name="Baghdad" sponsor="Earthlink Telecom" id="2442" />
<server url="" lat="33.3191" lon="44.3920" name="Baghdad" sponsor="Fastiraq LLC" id="3567" />
<server url="" lat="33.3191" lon="44.3920" name="Baghdad" sponsor="Al-Jazeera Al Arabiya" id="4680" />
<server url="" lat="39.7767" lon="30.5206" name="Eskisehir" sponsor="" id="573" />
<server url="" lat="36.1911" lon="44.0092" name="Erbil" sponsor="Rey Telecom" id="4006" />
<server url="" lat="35.3202" lon="25.1388" name="Heraklion" sponsor="Radio Rythmos 104,5 Crete Iraklio" id="2997" />
<server url="" lat="38.4202" lon="27.1283" name="Izmir" sponsor="AVEA Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S." id="4669" />
<server url="" lat="40.1833" lon="29.0667" name="Bursa" sponsor="Vital Teknoloji" id="1702" />
<server url="" lat="40.1833" lon="29.0500" name="Bursa" sponsor="iDeal Hosting Ltd." id="4882" />
<server url="" lat="35.5500" lon="45.4333" name="Sulaymaniyah" sponsor="iQ" id="2625" />
<server url="" lat="35.5500" lon="45.4333" name="Sulaymaniyah" sponsor="AlsardFiber" id="3961" />
<server url="" lat="35.5500" lon="45.4333" name="Sulaymaniyah" sponsor="Fanoos Telecom" id="2572" />
<server url="" lat="35.5500" lon="45.4333" name="Sulaymaniyah" sponsor="Goran Net ISP" id="4050" />
<server url="" lat="35.5500" lon="45.4333" name="Sulaymaniyah" sponsor="Tishknet" id="3007" />
<server url="" lat="40.8520" lon="29.8780" name="Kocaeli" sponsor="" id="4944" />
<server url="" lat="40.8520" lon="29.8780" name="Kocaeli" sponsor="Bizim Internet" id="4891" />
<server url="" lat="41.0128" lon="28.9744" name="Istanbul" sponsor="TURKCELLSUPERONLINE" id="4850" />
<server url="" lat="41.0128" lon="28.9744" name="Istanbul" sponsor="Doruknet" id="4791" />
<server url="" lat="41.0128" lon="28.9744" name="Istanbul" sponsor="Netcen Teknoloji" id="3287" />
<server url="" lat="41.0128" lon="28.9744" name="Istanbul" sponsor="Vodafone TR" id="3151" />
<server url="" lat="41.0128" lon="28.9744" name="Istanbul" sponsor="AVEA Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S." id="4667" />
<server url="" lat="41.0128" lon="28.9744" name="Istanbul" sponsor="TurkNet" id="4378" />
<server url="" lat="41.0128" lon="28.9744" name="Istanbul" sponsor="TTNET" id="2521" />
<server url="" lat="37.9778" lon="23.7278" name="Athens" sponsor="On Telecoms S.A." id="2792" />
<server url="" lat="37.9778" lon="23.7278" name="Athens" sponsor="Vodafone Greece" id="1700" />
<server url="" lat="37.9778" lon="23.7278" name="Athens" sponsor="GRNET" id="1727" />
<server url="" lat="37.9667" lon="23.7167" name="Athens" sponsor="OTE S.A." id="4201" />
<server url="" lat="40.1728" lon="44.2925" name="Vagharshapat" sponsor="ArpiNet ISP" id="2303" />
<server url="" lat="39.8094" lon="44.7144" name="Ararat" sponsor="ARANEA LLC" id="4023" />
<server url="" lat="40.1833" lon="44.5167" name="Yerevan" sponsor="VivaCell-MTS" id="4630" />
<server url="" lat="40.1833" lon="44.5167" name="Yerevan" sponsor="ARMINCO Global Telecom" id="1036" />
<server url="" lat="40.1833" lon="44.5167" name="Yerevan" sponsor="ADC" id="4412" />
<server url="" lat="40.1833" lon="44.5167" name="Yerevan" sponsor="GNC-Alfa CJSC" id="4025" />
<server url="" lat="30.4944" lon="47.8236" name="Al Basrah" sponsor="ALASAS COMPANY" id="3214" />
<server url="" lat="41.6667" lon="26.5667" name="Edirne" sponsor="FixNET" id="4106" />
<server url="" lat="21.5000" lon="39.1833" name="Jeddah" sponsor="Zain" id="3196" />
<server url="" lat="21.5000" lon="39.1833" name="Jeddah" sponsor="Saudi Telecom Company" id="1107" />
<server url="" lat="21.5000" lon="39.1833" name="Jeddah" sponsor="Integrated Telecom Co. (ITC)" id="2645" />
<server url="" lat="21.5000" lon="39.1833" name="Jeddah" sponsor="Mobily" id="1733" />
<server url="" lat="29.2926" lon="47.9057" name="Kaifan" sponsor="VIVA Kuwait" id="4654" />
<server url="" lat="29.2926" lon="47.9057" name="Kaifan" sponsor="FAST Telecommunication Co" id="3167" />
<server url="" lat="29.3286" lon="48.0034" name="Kuwait City" sponsor="ooredoo Kuwait" id="3290" />
<server url="" lat="29.3286" lon="48.0034" name="Kuwait City" sponsor="Gulfnet Communications" id="2279" />
<server url="" lat="29.3286" lon="48.0034" name="Kuwait City" sponsor="FAST Telecommunication Co" id="1266" />
<server url="" lat="29.3286" lon="48.0034" name="Kuwait City" sponsor="Wireless Mobile data company" id="4081" />
<server url="" lat="29.3286" lon="48.0034" name="Kuwait City" sponsor="Qualitynet" id="2345" />
<server url="" lat="29.3286" lon="48.0034" name="Kuwait City" sponsor="ZAIN KW" id="2712" />
<server url="" lat="29.3286" lon="48.0034" name="Kuwait City" sponsor="VIVA Kuwait" id="2319" />
<server url="" lat="43.0000" lon="41.0167" name="Sukhum" sponsor="A-Mobile" id="4721" />
<server url="" lat="43.0000" lon="41.0167" name="Sukhum" sponsor="Aquafon-GSM" id="4502" />
<server url="" lat="42.5000" lon="27.4667" name="Burgas" sponsor="SKAT TV" id="1135" />
<server url="" lat="42.5000" lon="27.4667" name="Burgas" sponsor="ComNet Bulgaria" id="2294" />
<server url="" lat="42.5000" lon="27.4667" name="Burgas" sponsor="Unacs" id="3632" />
<server url="" lat="42.5000" lon="27.4667" name="Burgas" sponsor="DigiCom.BG" id="4301" />
<server url="" lat="33.8972" lon="48.9017" name="Borujerd" sponsor="Roshangaran Ertebatate" id="4342" />
<server url="" lat="43.6127" lon="39.7228" name="Sochi" sponsor="Dagomys Telecom LLC" id="4976" />
<server url="" lat="43.6127" lon="39.7228" name="Sochi" sponsor="Tvintel" id="2298" />
<server url="" lat="41.9329" lon="25.5559" name="Haskovo" sponsor="escom" id="3176" />
<server url="" lat="44.4975" lon="34.1731" name="Yalta" sponsor="KNET-TELECOM" id="2581" />
<server url="" lat="43.2167" lon="27.9167" name="Varna" sponsor="MSAT Cable" id="2389" />
<server url="" lat="42.0500" lon="25.6000" name="Dimitrovgrad" sponsor="Compas Karadjov and ko" id="1447" />
<server url="" lat="44.1000" lon="39.0667" name="Tuapse" sponsor="OOO &quot;SkyNet&quot;" id="4571" />
<server url="" lat="44.1000" lon="39.0667" name="Tuapse" sponsor="TAIGET" id="3580" />
<server url="" lat="41.7167" lon="44.7833" name="Tbilisi" sponsor="Magticom Ltd." id="3216" />
', 'Files That SpeedTest Uses