FasterFox (EladKarako MOD)

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Fasterfox is a collection of tweaks to the configuration of Firefox,
in a form of an old-school add-on. I did fix/modify the original version out there in the 2008 to make it compatible with newer versions of Firefox, and called it FasterFox (EladKarako Mod).

There are other modifications, but this version, being the only one that got regular updates,
and last one that worked on the newer browsers is the most popular of them all...

Download it

If you have old browser or you are using one of the Firefox forks that still supports Add-Ons,
and not web-extensions, you can try install FasterFox (EladKarako Mod).
Download it here:

You won't find it in Mozilla website..

Mozilla now (August 2010) forbids network modification by add-ons,
any add-on that did it, got disabled/removed from the add-ons website.

Newer Browsers - do it manually - it is still possible to improve network performances!!!

The network switches/configurations are still "under the hood",
accessing the about:config page and manually editing them is still an option,
and if they are not there, you can create them and give them a value, it still works!

All my Firefox modifications/switches and configurations are in here:, and you can view just the about:config changes (without actually downloading the project) by vieweing this file:

one of those, that is used in FasterFox (EladKarako MOD) is lockPref("network.http.max-connections", 128); :]