Enlarge CCleaner's Font-Size

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This is a walk-through, that will help you to change (- enlarge) the default font-size of the (wonderful) CCleaner program,
so it will look nice on large-screens, although this can be done globally by setting the operation-system's DPI settings to something like 120%,
the following explanation is better, if you'll will to modify, just, CCleaner - and not your entire system :)

This is kind of a lite reverse-engineering. Don't be scared - YOU CAN DO IT! + EASILY!

I've modified the default font-size (8pt) to a much larger/clear 14pt. You may choose a different value.

The original:

The modified:

The modified, using Hebrew as default language, it works well- without any additional modifications (affects all languages).

How to:

  1. Open CCleaner.exe using ResHacker.

  2. Go to the DIALOGs section and open up the sub-tree.

  3. For each of the "dialogs" you should locate the FONT line,

  4. Change the 8 to something like 10 (up until 14 should be fine).

  5. Press the compile button, and go to the next "dialog" entry.

    • It will take some time, modifying the entire list..

    • *In-case the (now edited) dialog-resource preview will fill the entire screen and you can-not see the side-folder-tree, hit the Escape-Key [ESC] to close-down the preview.

  6. When you'll finish, click File-- Save, and you're done.

The original CCleaner.exe will be backed-up in the name CCleaner_original.exe,
So in-case you'll screw up something you can always delete the current CCleaner.exe file, and rename CCleaner_original.exe to CCleaner.exe to edit everything from the clean-start-point. It is a good idea to backup the main exe anyway (by copying..) since every-time you'll save the file the CCleaner_original.exe will be overwritten with the most recent version.