Embedded Smart-Safe Project

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video's content in in hebrew.

background information
This Video Originally Created in April 13, 2009,
back when I was a student in N.A.C. College.
I've graduate the b.Sc degree in Computer-Science and Mathematics, and decided recently to re-upload all the parts of my project (although the hardware I've made has long gone...) in the thought it might be useful or inspire anyone, the content of the video is in Hebrew.
other part such as PDF and my "old" website (now hosted by my new one) would soon be available here.

this is my original description of the video:
I study in Netanya Academic College,
along with programing the base of the Silicon Laboratories C8051f015 MCU,
I wanted to do something unique, so after a lot of research I've achieve success in building home-make digit-input-device which is (kind of crazy..) connected to parallel port, It seems like years (actually a few days of good old hard thinking, after which I comprehend the right way to interface all part together.. and when C disappoint me I've turned to Assembly to hard control Data REGISTERS of LPT1... but all of this is shown in the video.
remember: don't just buy gadgets, make them!