Quick eBay Search- From Your Address-Bar!

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Add eBay to your address-bar search-engines,
and search faster and more secure.

You can access you address-bar search-engines,
by right-click the address bar and selecting "Edit search-engines"

or copy&paste: chrome://settings/searchEngines into your address-bar, and pressing ENTER.

..Either way..

Here is few of the switches used in eBay search-engine:
&LH_ItemCondition=3         item condition: 'new'
&_ipg=200                   '200' results per page
&_udlo=3                    minimum is 3$ (or if you are logged-in, it will use 3-of-'your currency')
&_udhi                      unlimited maximum amount of $ (your currency)
&LH_BIN=1                   limit to 'buy now' items
&_nkw=%s                    the actual search phrase

You should clear up everything you do not need (it will speed up your Chrome..)
and especially everything that looks like "ebay" or "ebay.com".

add a new line,
looking something like this:

Hit ENTER (and do not click the "make default"..)
now all you have to do is start writing ebay, followed by space,
to have yourself a personal search-engine,

it will (try) to use HTTPS, to load eBay from secure location,
and will save you clicking the "new" state and other checkboxes...
it will also reduce the tracking eBay uses as an additional arguments in the search-url.

You can remove/modify the switches, finding-out new-ones by
investigating eBay yourself, or look for iCompile, for eBay articles.