Easy Router Ad-Block

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✨ It Is Super Easy! ✨
✔ Enjoy A Faster, Smoother, Ad-Free Web-Browsing Experience,
✔ YouTube Streaming Would Get Enjoyable Again,
✔ No Banners,
✔ No Popups!
☕ Applied to Everyone At Once,
👴 👵 👶 Transparent To Users, No Client-Configuration 👍

Your WiFi users 📡, mobile phones📱 tablets and desktops, even smart-tv sets 📺 can be ads-free!
blocking ads this way speeds up browsing websites dramatically!

To the point! - End Result:
(Big Screenshot)

Below are instruction that would probably fit most router-vendors out there (D-Link compatible).

Click Advanced,
then Website-Filter,
choose DENY computers access to ONLY these sites

Fill the list with either the Minimal version or Almost bulletproof version,
click the save button and you're done!

(You may restart your router just to play it safe :) 👓)

click Access-Control, check ☑ Enable Access Control and click add policy:

Add Policy


Name: No-Ads


Now, add your users 👳 👱 👴 👵 👶 👷 :
Adding clients

Address Type: 🔘 IP

Assuming you have authorised your users before, all you need to do is to select them from the menu,
and press ok.

Filter web-access
Method: 🔘 Block Some Access
Apply Web Filter: ☑

No Logging

finish by:



Non D-Link Routers:
Most of router vendors provides similar settings, follow the instruction above,
and make you and your users ads-free!