Easy Ads-Blocking For All Of Your Devices With AdGuard-DNS

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This will make all of your home devices ad-free,
it is easy to set and works well.

You don't need to install anything or cofigure anything on any of the devices.

  1. Log-into your router's web-interface.
    Mine is at

    If you don't how to get into your router's web-interface try https://www.google.com/search?q=default+router+passwords.

  2. Locate the DNS-addresses settings,
    usually those settings are in the same area as the IPS settings,
    where you've stored the internet-provider's username and password.

    Change your DNS-addresses to and

  3. Save and restart the router.
    You're all done!

Here are some screenshots that might might help:
1 - log-into the web-interface of the router
2 - navigate to the ISP settings section
3 - DNS settings section
4 - save