Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey is sooooo boring!!

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I get it that part of the population are not, lets say, science savvy, but while other science shows, unlike Through-the-Wormhole actually brings up a fresh new stuff, recent discoveries, side by side with the oldies (and Morgan Freeman!),

Cosmos chooses the road of dusting up the old history books, essentially, not really better then watching a remake of old black-and-white P.B.S tv-shows, explaining what discoveries were done by Marie Curie, in such passion, as it had just been twitted 20 minutes ago (@mariec #iloveradium ).


The show is not short, its over 42 minutes of 'I'm going to tell you whats right' by Neil deGrasse Tyson, which isn't making the history-trip any easier. I've learned Biology, Chemistry, Physics in school from age 12 years old, as part of new science program experiment in Israel back in the early 90's (which sadly, had not being continues since then), and later on high-school I've took extended biology and computers-science, followed it in Tel-Aviv university, I might be considered as a science savvy,
in one of the few first shows, the theory-of -evolution was introduced, it was pushed down by Tyson as if it was an absolute truth, rather then a well educated assessments, backed up and supported by numerous amount of findings around the world.
it was actually pushed to the viewer in such aggressive manner along with a really aggressive attitude against believers of creationism, left me with a very uneasy feeling at the bottom of my stomach, I am actually still remember that specific part in that episode.

clipboard_vectorizedI've personally do relay on science and logical conclusions as much as one might have, re-applying Ockham's razor in real-life, but we have to remember all our conclusions are derived from the sum of the data at hand, 'till that point in time, disregarding any other theory and sticking to one is actually considered the most unscientific act one accumulate into itself. in short, keep it humble.big-bang-theory_vectorized

remember that cosmic inflation theory, was considered controversial when introduced in 1997, and only reestablished in March 2014 after astrophysicists of the BICEP2 collaboration, had announced the detection of inflationary gravitational waves in the B-mode power spectrum, which had provided a clear experimental evidence for the theory of inflation, replacing most beloved big-bang theory* ;

* good gracious, not the tv-show - that would be back on air for season 8 soon enough...