CMD Snippet - Selective Executing From Either Windows System32 Or SysWOW64 Folders With Easy And Simple GOTO-State-Machine

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A Bit Overkill of verifying what version of EXE to use (x32/x64), with error handling.
I use 'ie4uinit.exe -ClearIconCache || ie4uinit.exe -show' as an example for an execute that exist in both-folders.
This is just a dictionary code, you can make it more efficient by storing the files and paths using 'SET', and even skip the x32 check or put the x32 path in a variable and optinally overwrite it, then executing the file blindly.
P.s just f.y.i. - executing 'ie4uinit' from either x32 or x64 does not really makes a difference (this is just an example..)

The %WINDIR%\\SysWOW64\\NUL is a small trick to see if the path is a folder.