Chromium API Keys

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When you build Chromium yourself, or download a Chromium nightly-build, you need to provide API-key, a secret-phrase and a client-id,
running Chromium without either of those three phrases will seriously compromise Chromium's functionality.

The is a sort of "inner-Google" page on how to generate, and use the API-Keys needed to make Chromium a properly, fully functional Chrome-compatible browser (including Syncing your bookmarks and other stuff..)

There is an issue, however, with that page ( which has not been-updated for a while, especially on the names of the API-services, one, needs to enable in-order to use Chromium in a fully functional mode,


I've gathered those services (including a direct link for you to use in-order to activate it)
the following list (Google API-console) is ordered as:

- Name.
- Description.
- URL.

the list of API-services is sorted (A,B,C..) by the Name of the API-service.

*Note that there are *EXTRA* API-services here you probably not necessarily have to use, but they are FREE, and you might as well add those anyway (it is just a kind of note for me in that way, since *I* do use every one of those API-services...)

You still need to use the page as a guide, but you can skip the API list and instead - just follow the list below, and enable each one.

Hope it helps anyone :]