Chanu App In Android 9

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Clear the app-storage, uninstall the old version, download, extract, install:

It seems to work.

Chanu is a pretty great way of viewing 4-Chan threads,
it utilize the 4-Chan API #1 #2 to present thread's content in either a long thread-view (with images) or gallery-view (grab all the image's thumbnails, fetch the full image on demand).
The gallery-view is unique to Chanu,
it worked pretty well up-until the Android 9.0 update.

I'm not sure what the cause was,
but it is probably a faulty way that the project built its resources,
it seems that Android 8.1 was tollerate, but something in Android 9 has changed,
making the opening the gallery no-longer possible. It usually was displaying an error from the operation-system,
then closed the app.

Forcing the app to display in English-only made this bug less common for some reason.

Chanu can not be downloaded from Google-Play anymore #1,
and the last official version in F-Droid repository is no-longer working since the API has changed.

The app is open-source, and forked on GitHub by @grzegorznittner,
both updating the API and the infrastructure, making it work again.
The last production-release (currently) in the releases-section is v2.0.25,
but if you'll scroll through the issue(bug)-report threads you'll also find the latest (currently) alpha-release,
v2.0.27 Alpha.

Every of the APK built seems to have the gallery-opening-sudden-close issue,
as reported by @sulmanshah in the GitHub issue Chanu Crashing Image Gallery - Android P 9.0.11 - 2.0.26 #482.

I first suggested a workaround that would enable downloading all the images (something your could do in the gallery-view) without triggering the bug,

and just lately, I've modified the (currently) latest APK using a reverse-engineer tool named APKTool (custom-builds can be downloaded from:

I've modified slightly the android manifest, explicitly disabling debug-mode,
removed all of the languages with this batch-file: APKTool_res_folder_every_language_but_default_deleter.cmd,
built it again, aligned and signed it.

Since it uses a different signature then the original(forked)-release you can not install it over the existing installation of your Chanu app, you would have to clear the storage of the app, then uninstall the older-version, installing the new-one.

You can download it either from:,
or from this comment in the issue-section:

I've also explained about the rebuilding process in this comment: