Ƀ - BitCoin Emoji

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For HTML, use the HTML-entity: Ƀ.
In additional you may add the Unicode directive to make sure it always render as text Ƀ︎ (need to be close together).

For Java/JavaScript/etc.. you can use its Unicode-encoded form \u0243 (or \u0243\uFE0E).

The easiest way of including the BitCoin-character is by simply copying the raw Unicode character:

and with the Unicode text-mode directive:
(carefully remove the > < characters without deleting the invisible character after the bitcoin sign..)

You can test it by pasting it into notepad++/notepad2 and strip-away the visible characters, to make sure you've also got the hidden character :)

Here is a small HTML that is flexible in font-size,
it is same code in different width/height sizes (you can right click it to show the IFRAME's source),

it is includes a blocking of the the text-selection so you could include it inline, to allow users to copy a numeric value, without the BitCoin character itself.