Android System APK Path

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Does not required root access, pulling is a great way of using some "vendor only" applications, for me it was a very well-designed Hebrew-Date calendar, only available in native Samsung-Galaxy ROMS for some vendors.

Other than that it is a slow (one by one), but sure way of file backup, from "root location" that is available on readonly basis.

alternative options maybe using a file-manager such as "X-Plore", and compressing the entire folder tree of the desire "root location", placing the zip in a readable location on the SdCard, the entire process might take a while but the download process will be much faster due to one-big-file-handling instead of one-by-one fetching which requires a lot of "connection" overhead..

  1. adb pull /system/app

    (1.19GB/13 Minutes)

  2. adb pull /system/priv-app

    (1.09GB/10 Minutes)

  3. pretty common (almost)

    most likely there (usually not active)





    probably not there

    if there, may be just a dummy location..