Adding GJSLinter to WebStorm - Google-Closure-JSLinter JetBrains WebStorm Integration

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1. install Python and GJSLinter.

(as explained here)

2. apply the patch, or download the already patched version of GJSLint

(as explained here)

3. install WebStorm6, open it, close any opened projects.

4. follow the images:




prepare an empty file name it config.ini

here is a sample content (values are "new line"-separated)


place the path for gjslint.exe, it will most probably be something like:  C:\\Python27\\Scripts\\gjslint.exe
set the placement of the configuration file, and press OK.


you can run those scripts in command-line too,
but then it will be one line, and "=" will be replaced with one space.

you can change the config.ini while working in WebStorm, and the changes will be effective immediately.


you can also change the color of the GJSLinter notifications: