AdBlock-Rules For An Ad-Free Pandora (No Audio Ads!)

Posted at, script:contains(udioAds), script:contains(adroll)*method=getAdList**method=trackPlay*

it is included in my AdBlock lists, found in ;]

although it is for the web-interface (your PC..),
you can use it with Firefox-For-Android (with uBlock plugin),
and even globally using AdGuard(, XDA-Forums - Guide: De-Bloating and De-Touchwizzing (No Root Needed))
- - - you can import the entire hosts_adblock_anti_annoyances.txt from or (look for raw-data view of hosts_adblock_anti_annoyances.txt and just copy the url to AdGuard.. easy

..or, manually input the rules above.. (or copy&paste them..)