YouTube Videos Downloading – MultiProcess, MultiPart, Text-File List Supported Using Aria2C And YouTube-DL

You really should switch from using the native/ffmpeg download of YouTube-DL,
to using an external-downloader that can handle opening many-connections.

Here is an example of using aria2c with some arguments,
with YouTube-DL (it already implemented all of aria2c method).

call youtube-dl.exe --force-ipv4 --geo-bypass --verbose --print-traffic --no-call-home --no-check-certificate --prefer-insecure --external-downloader aria2c --external-downloader-args "--file-allocation=prealloc --human-readable=true --enable-color=true --split=16 --auto-save-interval=10 --retry-wait=2 --max-tries=3 --timeout=120 --connect-timeout=300 --max-file-not-found=1 --continue=true --allow-overwrite=false --auto-file-renaming=false --check-integrity=false --enable-http-keep-alive=true --enable-http-pipelining=true --disable-ipv6=true --connect-timeout=120 --max-concurrent-downloads=16  --max-connection-per-server=16"  "YOUR_VIDEO_URL"

If you wish to have yourself a way of downloading many YouTube videos,
in parallel, and in multipart to maximise your bandwidth usage and saving some time,
use the following github repository:

It already includes the binary files you need (youtube-dl.exe and aria2c.exe),
so all you have to do is copy&paste some URLs into the videos.txt and double-click videos.cmd.