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Latest version (very slow…)

A Download Mirror (not always the latest version but “will do”…)


More information:

After the installation, follow the instructions here: it has a slightly modified exe and dll files with improved performances and Windows-10 support.

לוח שנה עברי – com.sec.jewishcalendar

Download Links:




It is mostly found within the cache.img of phones,
with ILO/CEL within the app folder. If you have such a firmware,
and you are able to extract it (you need to convert it to ex4, than
use DiskInternals Linux Reader ver2.0.0.0 (not newer versions)
to extract the archive and the apps inside,
preferably it should be deodxed so people could use it without dependencies.

Aria2C Batch File For Quick Download

Copy to following CMD batch-file content into a new file,
and name it aria2download.cmd.

Place the file in the same folder as your aria2c.exe,
make sure it is your system-PATH,

and you can now enter aria2download "http..your-url..."
for a quick file-download to the current folder you are in.

All the important-switches are already set, such as maximum split value, and maximum connections per-server for ultra-fast download and an extra permissive-SSL to allow you to download from secure-servers without certificate verifying and a browser-like useragent and referrer value to generate a compatible download session with servers that often will block download-managers. You can easily personalise the batch-file to include an additional headers, authentications, etc…

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JS-Snippet – ReLink URLs For A Quick Download From GitHub

Naturally GitHub is not “THE” place for binary files sharing,
but it used quite often as one (yep! even Google does it..).

It is a great place to put files.. by downloading it,
is not always the fastest way, unless the author had some basic understanding,
and provided you with direct-links to the files, which may be easily put in the README..

this is probably what you’ll normally do..

walking through:

Since the structure of the direct-download links is known,
at least for now (it did changed few times before..)
you can “fix” the links, to point to the direct URL..

not only does it relink, so you can click and download
or copy the links to your download-manager (one by one),
it also generates a links, and outputs it to the console.

amm…naturally it is an ad-hoc solution.. =;

var list = document.querySelectorAll('[href*="/blob/"]').map(function(a){
  var URL = a.href; //js-object .href includes the domain for relative URLs.

  //fix URL to point to the file, directly.
  URL = URL.replace(/http\:/g, "https:")                                                 //make sure it is https:
           .replace(/^https\:\/\/\//gi, "")  //this is the current way to download
           .replace(/\/blob\//g, "/")                                                     //remove this too...
  a.setAttribute("href", URL);  //explicitly set "href" attribute.

  //will also help downloading.
  a.setAttribute("download", a.innerText.replace(/[\r\n]/g));
  a.setAttribute("type", "application/octet-stream");

  return URL;


cURL – Latest Chromium Downloader

echo off
::stuff you can modify.
::                          http|https
set PROTOCOL=http
::                          snapshots|continuous
set BRANCH=snapshots
::                          Android|Arm|Linux|LinuxGit|LinuxGit_x64|Linux_ARM_Cross-Compile|Linux_ChromiumOS|Linux_ChromiumOS_Full|Linux_x64|Mac|MacGit|Win|WinGit|Win_x64|chromium-full-linux-chromeos
set OS=Win_x64
::                          mini_installer.exe|REVISIONS|||||||remoting-host.msi||||changelog.xml|
set FILE=mini_installer.exe

::stuff you should keep as is.

set COMMAND_CURL_FORVERSION=curl.exe --silent --http2 --ipv4 --anyauth --insecure --location-trusted --ssl-allow-beast --ssl-no-revoke --url "%URL_LASTCHANGE%"

for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('call %COMMAND_CURL_FORVERSION% 2^>^&1') do (set VERSION=%%a)
::error handling
if ["%VERSION%"] == [""] ( goto NOVERSION )

echo Got Latest-Version: ^>%VERSION%^< ^[Branch:%BRANCH%/OS:%OS%^]

::you should enable one-of-your-prefered downloaders.

::you should not reach here, unless
::you've forgot to enable one of the "downloader lines" (above)...

  echo ERROR: could not get the latest version...
  goto EXIT

  echo ERROR: please enable one of the downloader lines..
  goto EXIT

  echo Start Download using cURL...
  call curl.exe --verbose --http2 --ipv4 --ignore-content-length ^
                --anyauth --insecure --location-trusted          ^
                --ssl-allow-beast --ssl-no-revoke --tcp-fastopen ^
                --tcp-nodelay --use-ascii --url "%URL_DOWNLOAD%"
  goto EXIT

  echo Start Download using wGET...
  call wget.exe --directory-prefix="." --debug --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 Chrome" --continue ^
                --server-response --no-check-certificate --secure-protocol=auto  "%URL_DOWNLOAD%"
  goto EXIT

  echo Start Download using Aria2C...
  call aria2c.exe --allow-overwrite=true         --auto-file-renaming=false         --check-certificate=false        ^
                  --check-integrity=false        --connect-timeout=120              --console-log-level=notice       ^
                  --continue=true                --dir="."                          --disable-ipv6=true              ^
                  --enable-http-keep-alive=true  --enable-http-pipelining=true      --file-allocation=prealloc       ^
                  --http-auth-challenge=false    --human-readable=true              --max-concurrent-downloads=16    ^
                  --max-connection-per-server=16 --max-tries=3                      --min-split-size=1M              ^
                  --retry-wait=1                 --rpc-secure=false                 --split=8                        ^
                  --timeout=120                  --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 Chrome"  "%URL_DOWNLOAD%"
  goto EXIT

  echo Start Download using OrbitDownloader...
  call "C:\Program Files (x86)\Orbitdownloader\orbitdm.exe" "%URL_DOWNLOAD%"
  goto EXIT

  echo Done.

::   - "http"           - http protocol is faster to connect and download with OrbitDownloader and wGet, it also means your PC won't preform certificate exchange with the remote machine.
::   - "snapshots"      - snapshots is newer, "continuous" is more stable (but might be very old).
::   - "OS" and "FILE"  - are what you want to download
:: snapshots    - newest (unstable) newest code-changes - passed unit-tests + compilation.
:: continuous   - old    (stable)                       - passed unit-tests + compilation + test-suits.
:: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
::   branch   |  branch description           |  version-based build
:: ___________|_______________________________|_____________________________________________________________________________________________
::   Win_x64  |  Chromium Installer (64-bit)  |{version}/mini_installer.exe  
::   Win_x64  |  Chromium Package (64-bit)    |{version}/    
::   Win      |  Chromium Installer (32-bit)  |{version}/mini_installer.exe
::   Win      |  Chromium Package (64-bit)    |{version}/    

Download tools..

Download Latest BUSYBOX Binary For Android – Ready To Use!

This version is pretty much the latest one you’ll see online:

But the real latest one (to date) binary (ready to use!) is this one:

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Make Chrome Faster

1. Use Chrome/Chromium Of x64bit, if your machine can handle it.

2. Install those both official Chrome-extensions:

3. Access chrome://flags/ and change the following values,
you may easily reach either of those by copy&&paste them into the address-bar.

👉 chrome://flags/#num-raster-threads ➧4
👉 chrome://flags/#default-tile-width ➧1024
👉 chrome://flags/#default-tile-height ➧1024

👉 chrome://flags/#enable-fast-unload ➧Enable
👉 chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling ➧Disable
👉 chrome://flags/#enable-quic ➧Enable
👉 chrome://flags/#enable-zero-copy ➧Enable
👉 chrome://flags/#enable-site-per-process ➧Enable
👉 chrome://flags/#v8-cache-options ➧’Cache V8 parser data.’
👉 chrome://flags/#v8-cache-strategies-for-cache-storage
👉 chrome://flags/#enable-scroll-anchoring ➧Disable
👉 chrome://flags/#enable-pointer-events ➧Enable
👉 chrome://flags/#passive-listener-default ➧’Force All True’
👉 chrome://flags/#document-passive-event-listeners ➧Enable
👉 chrome://flags/#passive-event-listeners-due-to-fling ➧Enable
👉 chrome://flags/#expensive-background-timer-throttling ➧Enable
👉 chrome://flags/#enable-nostate-prefetch ➧’Enabled Prerender’
👉 chrome://flags/#enable-resource-prefetch ➧’Enable Prefetching’
👉 chrome://flags/#delay-navigation ➧Disable

4. Just before the restart required in stage [3] (above),
close all other tabs (other than chrome://flags/),
access chrome://net-internals/#dns in a new-tab, and click the ‘clear host cache’, you can safely close the chrome://net-internals/#dns now, and back in the chrome://flags/ click on the big-blue ‘relaunch now’ button.

5. Run Chrome with the following command-line switches:

--enable-accelerated-vpx-decode="0x03" --prefetch-search-results --disable-pinch --disable-in-process-stack-traces --enable-tcp-fastopen --enable-threaded-compositing --enable-gpu-scheduler --use-double-buffering --enable-hardware-overlays --enable-partial-raster --disable-speech-api --ipc-connection-timeout="90"  --enable-gpu-memory-buffer-compositor-resources --enable-gpu-memory-buffer-video-frames --enable-native-gpu-memory-buffers --disable-payment-request --disable-3d-apis --disable-logging --disable-presentation-api --enable-rgba-4444-textures --v8-cache-options="data" --v8-cache-strategies-for-cache-storage="aggressive"

you may use a .bat or .cmd batch file if it is easier for you,
or use my project.
here is my ini file (for chromium :])


Arguments=--force-device-scale-factor="1.2" --enable-accelerated-vpx-decode="0x03" --allow-outdated-plugins --ppapi-flash-path="C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\PEPFLA~1.DLL" --ppapi-flash-version="" --prefetch-search-results --enable-lcd-text --enable-font-antialiasing=1 --ppapi-antialiased-text-enabled=1 --no-referrers --reduced-referrer-granularity --force-ui-direction=ltr --enable-pepper-testing --keep-alive-for-test --disable-pinch --ipc-connection-timeout="90" --disable-hang-monitor --disable-in-process-stack-traces --enable-tcp-fastopen --enable-threaded-compositing --enable-grouped-history --ash-md=enabled --material-design-ink-drop-animation-speed="fast" --show-md-login --top-chrome-md="material" --secondary-ui-md="material" --enable-gpu-scheduler --show-md-login --disable-md-oobe --use-double-buffering --desktop-window-1080p --enable-hardware-overlays --enable-partial-raster --disable-speech-api --enable-gpu-memory-buffer-compositor-resources --enable-gpu-memory-buffer-video-frames --enable-native-gpu-memory-buffers --disable-payment-request --disable-3d-apis --disable-logging --disable-presentation-api --enable-rgba-4444-textures --v8-cache-options="data" --v8-cache-strategies-for-cache-storage="aggressive" --enable-threaded-compositing --no-referrers

;;// Overrides the timeout, in seconds, that a child process waits for a
;;// connection from the browser before killing itself.
;;const char kIPCConnectionTimeout[]          = "ipc-connection-timeout";



search this blog for newer ways to download all recent command-line switches and this might also help: :]


JavaScript Ninja – Crowd Wisdom eBay Enhancements

Making eBay Buying Safer, Using Wisdom Of The Crowd.

Protect Yourself Against:
– Untrustworthy sellers
Those will accept your money but will not send you anything.
– Bad-reputation sellers
without checking out their feedbacks.
– New and inexperienced sellers
without researching their profile.

– Only trust sellers with “a lot of buyers”.
– Avoid items with overpriced shipping.
– Sort by “number of sold items” – in additional to current sorted results.
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aria2c Sample – Chromium Command-Line Switch Updater

Getting the most updated command-line switches for Chromium (Google-Chrome base code) is always a work in progress,
since this is a `live code` you can never say “Ok, I’m Done”, there will always be a new one, or old one retired from being actively used in the, well.., actual code.
So if you’re relaying on command-line switches in your scripts, or just want to try out new features before the `bleed into` the actual Google-Chrome main version, you probably want to bookmark this article :]]

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NodeJS Nightly

NodeJS x86, version 8 Nightly (latest)
– Including the latest docs
– Including the complete source-code – required for IntelliJ (under lib folder)
– Including latest node.lib (Visual-Studio integration)
– Including latest node.pdb (Microsoft Program DataBase, debugging information)

– Super compressed 290MB – to 36MB.

Download (many mirrors)

Password: 1

Free Download – Graphics Of Old School Calendar Unicode Emoji

For the article WordPress – A Better Article DateTime I’ve used the Unicode-emoji for calendar,
it vary a lot from Chrome (image like), to Firefox (image/text depending on next-char is a display-variation control char) to mobile devices..

Firefox for mobile presents pretty nice text variation,
so much that I’ve would consider unifying the presentation using an image instead of Unicode,
For the best quality I’ve used an install Firefox browser on my mobile, made the single (text variation) of the calendar emoji character as large as possible (filling the entire screen),
– due its being rendered as text (which is sort of vector-graphic as it is..) means it has rendered perfectly.
following with a screen capture, the result (PNG) was extremely fine, after (manually) creating overlays and creating AI and SVG vector-graphic files, I’ve also exported PNG in the most common resolutions (to avoid the need to resizing it).

Download resources (freely used)

Vector Graphic

HD PNG 32bit + Alpha transparency
Download cal_x8.png
Download cal_x10.png
Download cal_x12.png
Download cal_x14.png
Download cal_x16.png
Download cal_x20.png
Download cal_x24.png
Download cal_x28.png
Download cal_x32.png
Download cal_x48.png
Download cal_x64.png
Download cal_x72.png
Download cal_x96.png
Download cal_x128.png
Download cal_x256.png
Download cal_x512.png
Download cal_x1024.png


JKDefrag is a disk defragmenter and optimizer for Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008 compatible with x86/x64 platforms architecture.
It is completely automatic and very easy to use, fast, low overhead, with several optimization strategies, 
and can handle floppies, USB disks, memory sticks, and anything else that looks like a disk to Windows.

Included are a Windows version, a commandline version (for scheduling by the task scheduler or for use from administrator scripts), a screensaver version, a DLL library (for use from programming languages), versions for Windows X64, and the complete sources.

Why use this defragger instead of the standard Windows defragger?
 	- Much faster.
 	- Totally automatic, extremely easy to use.
 	- Optimized for daily use.
 	- Disk optimization, several strategies.
 	- Directories are moved to the beginning of the disk.
 	- Reclaims MFT reserved space after disk-full.
 	- Maintains free spaces for temporary files.
 	- Can defragment very full harddisks.
 	- Can defragment very large files.
 	- Can defragment individual directories and files.
 	- Can be run automatically with the Windows Scheduler.
 	- Can be used from the commandline.
 	- Can be used as a screen saver.
 	- Can be run from cdrom or memory stick.
 	- Sources available, can be customized.
 	- Supports x86/x64 architecture.

JKDefrag is an open source software by Jeroen Kessels,
this is the "3.36" version, since from version 4, 
it was changed to "MyDefrag", which is a closed source freeware.

Title: JkDefrag 3.36
File size: 467KB (478,618 bytes)
Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Freeware
Date added: September 1, 2008
Author: J C Kessels

The source can be found here:

Synapse Knox Missed Packages


Enterprise / Knox / Folder Isolation Related-Packages
That You Should Disable After Choosing “Disable Knox” From Synapse’s Security-Menu.

successfully disabled by Synapse (

need to do it manually

– activate USB debugging.
– connect your phone using USB (or network..) run adb devices
– run adb shell
– – run su [ENTER]
– – run pm disable ___package name____
(replace “___package name____” with the package-names above)
– – run exit and again exit until you’ll be back to your Windows’s CMD (or if you’re using *nix — the terminal..).
– – – if you are using TWRP you can use its terminal for an extra clean results (before first-boot!)

– reboot your device.

Download Host Logos

Few common file-hosting logos you can embedded in your site’s global-stylesheet,
to give your download links a nicer, more appealing look.
There are two variations which, by the content of the href attribute’s content will assign a logo the the link,
– it is all done in pure CSS, so you know it’s fast..
– and it does not require (unless of course you want to) any content-modification (works on-the-fly).


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JavaScript Ninja – So You Want To Get A YouTube Video Streams Resource Without Ajax’ing Around? DAAAA!!!

Hello Readers! some time ago I’ve made a nice little Git repository named YouTube Downloader having most of raw resources I’ve gathered around which may be useful if you are intereseted in in-depth-understanding of the the YouTube JavaScript Player API Reference

(which is a nice mental leap towards making an hybrid (Android) APP or using the more challenging YouTube Android Player API or just making a bookmarklet or even yet another youtube downloader website/extension [please don’t!] ;) )

anyway.. is what you are really in for:

sources = (function(sources, tmp){
  return sources.split(',').map(function(source){
    tmp = {};
      part = part.split('=');
      tmp[ part[0] ] = decodeURIComponent( part[1] );
    return tmp;
, []

and now for a pro tip, a zero-effort JSON beautifier formatting trick:

, null, 2));

hey! it’s probably even works with most of embedded youtube plugin, since it uses almost no dependencies by the very raw YouTube-Player “API/SDK” (which YouTube itself uses…)

..give it a try on this lovely video:


edit: Tip: ǡre yoǘ ȃ coʍʍʌ-ϝiɍst Nåƶɨ? (*cough* *cough* me?)
this will ease your O.C.D.:

sources = JSON.stringify(sources, null, 2).replace(/,\n /g, "\n ,")



sources = JSON.stringify(sources, null, 2).replace(/,\n /g, "\n ,").replace(/ *(,(\ +))/g,"$2,")

who does not love a little bit of JavaScript RegEx backtrace replacing :)


Oh yeah! comma-first bliss ;) download helper uses a Google login token, which is stored in the localStorage,
the pages are SO HEAVY they actually crash the browser if you open more than two tabs,


but once you’ve validate your auth details (Google/Facebook)

run the following code from the console and it will rewrite the links in THAT page,
to be a direct download links, saving you 2 clicks and almost 50 seconds of waiting (+ extra page load time…)

the format is constant, and it does not defined as a hack, since the auth token is still required,
it is just a download helper.

NodeList.prototype.forEach = Array.prototype.forEach; =;
var token = localStorage.satellizer_token;

function get_filename(name){
  name = name.replace(/([^\-])([^\-]*)(\-.)([^\-]*)/g,function(whole, match1, match2, match3, match4){
    return match1.toUpperCase() + match2.toLowerCase() + match3.toUpperCase().replace('-','') + match4.toLowerCase()

  return name;

  a.href = ""
         + ""
         + get_filename(
             a.pathname.substring(a.pathname.lastIndexOf('/') +1)
         + ".wna"
         + "&token=" + token;

naturally there is a download limit :(
so choose only the ones you really like :)

All MTK Modems + PDAnet, Samsung’s, Google’s Official – ADB USB Drivers


v3 (newer devices): —

v1 (older devices):


A collection of MTK-devices (mostly Chinese) and older compatible w/ Samsung, HTC, HTM vendors (x86 and x64).



Genymotion Flash GApps, SuperSU And Update Binary su


the process of drag&drop the zip, outputs some a series of messages
ending with one suggesting you should restart (close and re-run) the machine – you can delay this action until you finish the last of the drag&drop actions.



how to enter your gmail details (to add your Google account)?
Simple: open Google-Play market from app icon in your app-list and fill-in your credentials,

while you are working (before you’ve done the restart) you would probably be shown the following message(s) regarding Google-services the ends unexpectedly:
its ok, once you’ll be done, and restart the emulator (close the window, and start the machine again) this issue will be fixed,

the reason is that, although Genymotion saying “flash completed” it contains no actual recovery partition and it actually just extracts and follow the flash file instructions, installing the files to the locations and running daemon on the boot-loader phase, so, really it all be ok once you’ll be restarting your emulator :)

In this example the Operation-System is SDK version 19 (Android 4.4.4).
Some of the most recent apps from the market won’t be installed unless you’ll update the Google components, the most important is the google services, and google webview.

although the ZIPs are easy to find on the web,
here are unmodified, original version, works on S3 (4.4.2) Note3, S4, S5 (4.4.4) would probably won’t work on lollipop (5.0.1-5.1.1) and marshmallow (6.*)