The Most Popular Adblock Lists

Adblock Warning Removal List         
Anti-Adblock Killer by Reek          
Blockzilla by zpacman                
EasyList Arabian                     
EasyList Bulgarian                   
EasyList Chinese                     
EasyList Chinese CJX's Annoyance List
Easylist Czech/Slovak                
EasyList Dutch                       
EasyList French                      
EasyList Germany                     
EasyList Hebrew                      
EasyList Icelandic                   
EasyList Indonesian                  
EasyList Italian                     
EasyList Japanese                    
Easylist Latvian                     
EasyList Lithuanian                  
EasyList Romanian                    
EasyList Russian                     
EasyList Spanish                     
EasyList without element hiding rules
EasyPrivacy without international filters
Fanboy's Annoyance List              
Fanboy's Social Blocking List        
I don't care about cookies           
Prebake - Filter Obtrusive Cookie Notices

JavaScript Ninja Fundamentals – Tracking Impressions

➫➬ Some time saver advice, look for jQuery plugins that does few of those sub-tasks, embedded them as-is into your code.. 👌

⋰ Stuff You Want To Know… ⋱   👀

  • have scroll until the widget-container is in the viewport (the part of screen visible).
  • the tab + the window are currently focused.
  • mouse/ touch hover each widget container, each recommendation container, each image, each text description.
  • amount of time of “attention” by mouse hovering above element, or viewport time.
  • repeating /new user, by your 3rd-party cookie (your domain, for example
  • 👉 new awesome API

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Vary: Accept-Encoding

Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header


Bugs in some public proxies may lead to compressed versions of your resources being served to users that don’t support compression. Specifying the Vary: Accept-Encoding header instructs the proxy to store both a compressed and uncompressed version of the resource.
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