ChromeReader – A News Reader Right In Your Mobile Google Chrome

Mobile devices using Google Chrome might be laucky enough to be part of a nice experiment,
finding a new, material-design smooth looking newes feed directly in your Chrome browser.

Zero-clicks are required to view the latest articles-recommendations,
Your only required to scroll down from your home-screen, and there you have it.

Code-Name: ChromeReader


  • Currently running version 1.0.1, ChromeReader will be slowly deployed as an experiment flag,
    showing a smooth material-designed UI that seamlessly embeds itself into the overall Chrome experience on mobile devices.
  • You can access it by its API using:
  • It offers a high-quality alternative to several other recommendation solutions,
    by utilizing a high-precision, quality content positive selection (instead of negative/upside filtering).
    This help to improve classic “contextual algorithms” methods, exponentially.
  • See the up-coming “Heuristics vs. Machine-Learning“.

May 1st, 2017 Update: And Here Is How To Block It.
iCompile – ChromeReader/Content-Suggestions – Yes You CAN Block It…