eBay Bad Sellers

There are plenty of “Bad-Buyers” websites,
for sellers to be adding to their “ignore list”,
but not much of (if any) “bad seller” lists,

From time to time you hear of a seller that sends partial-delivery,
Or even avoid sending anything at all (especially if you place a very small order),
After two or three months when you’ll send them a message,
They will act *all “surprised”* and if you are lucky you might get your money back,
that is, if they will bothered to answer you at all,
and it wasn’t too long until you’ve opened a case with either eBay/PayPal.

why wouldn’t you just avoid that scenario at all?
apparently my other article JavaScript Ninja – Crowd Wisdom eBay Enhancements was so popular, that I’ve actually got address by few of my blog-readers,
sharing some ‘horror’-stories about recent purchases,
We’ve had a new idea:

A seller blacklist

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